Yesterday, it happened before my eyes. That was the first time I had ever seen such thing. There was a quarrel between a married couple which was publicly obvious. No hidden things. Everything was revealed during that harsh minutes. I intended to not care but it was a public show.

Seconds after it was over, I deeply thought how this such thing could really happen between a married couple. They got married, most of the reason because of love of course. But how could it turn that way?

Then I considered love is just like other normal things such as cloth, food and gadget. They will fade away and to put much care on it is the only thing which will expand the lifespan of the each.

So, let’s care each other much!


My Name

I was told when I was a baby, my parents (especially my dad) planned to name me after my dad’s idol. His name is Fadzil bin Mohd Nor. He was Parti Islam Semalaysia (PAS) President back then.

So, they went to register my name. During that time, people did not write down the name they intended to use by themselves. There was an officer assigned for that specific job. He then recorded my name as ‘Fadel Noor’.

Since then, my dad kept calling me Delfa. It was derived from Fadel, but he took the second syllable making it first. In school, I noticed no one was able to spell my name correctly. None. When I made friends with non-Malays, they had some difficulty to pronounce my name based on Malay slang. Hence, they practise calling my name with new pronunciation. It was Faedel.

When I gradually grow older, some friends call me as Del – which is a short form of Fadel. Most of my family members start to tag me as Tam. Tam is an excerpt from Paktam – a name-calling based on numbers among brothers and sisters in the family.

Therefore, I can be addressed with Fadzil, Fadel, Delfa, Faedel, Del and Tam.


People have been searching over centuries for the first language believed to be used in the world. (I believe it is Arabic Lang. of course).

One researcher used to put a newborn baby in an isolated area with a guardian who was instructed to not voice any sound, which believed would influence the baby’s word. The baby was made to live by nature but still under supervision of the nanny. No people. Except flora and fauna.

When the baby reached at certain age, the baby started to speak. The first word recorded spoken by the baby was ‘bekos’.

Bekos means bread in Phrygian Language. Hence, the researcher concludes the first language exists in this world was Phrygian. But they are extinct.

By the way, the name of the researcher is Psammetichus.

Train’s Tickets Sold Out

I plan to go home for this coming Hari Raya Haji holiday. But, it is just a dream since the tickets had been sold out earlier this month. People seem to get excited for this holiday. I guess because the Hari Raya Haji falls on Friday, so people will have straight off days until Sunday.

Some friends ask me on why don’t I take buses? I have my concrete answer yet hilarious. I think (I repeat, I think), train will have less probability having accident while buses don’t. I know, we could die anywhere.  this is just my assumption and sometimes I rely on it.

So, I suggest to defer my holiday for this Deepavali so that I could stay longer in Kedah.

Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature

It has been a month I pursuing my degree level in English. The real story is not as beautiful as it should, of course. Since, this program has a very strict admission, we end up having smaller group than the other students from other programs.

However, I manage to look at the other side of this ugliness. The subjects, the knowledge I get through and the skills I am equipped with. This is everything about me. This is about my personal satisfaction.

Hence, the end of this story will be very expensive.