External Camp 2010

in 2010, i managed to escort the students (Year 6, 2010) to Klang. it is a huge school with wide field. we put the tents in the fields as the camp site. this time, we are full prepared even we know that finally we will partly divided. it was OK since we had expected it to happen and we had no worry about that.

the thing that i could not forget was the skill and knowledge of ours. we exploded with high credibility of skills. most of my students managed to be at the front line. Firdaus Idris Safawi had been appointed as the Penghulu. what a great surprise! Syed Abdurrahim, Zarief Azhar, Wan Mohd Afdhaaluddin, Mohd Afif, Arif Aiman, Munif, Mohd Nur Syafi, Saiful Imaan, Amir Aizat, Faiz Jamil and Firdaus Ab Malek had stepped forward to lead their respective group members. this is due to the fact that most of the candidates (from other schools) are still too young and too green. a few of them had no skills at all.they had to learn from my kids. therefore, i felt blessed because we didnt just participate but we contribute for the benefit of others.

i had no words to describe that feeling since i treated my kids with a special training and then i had my special return which had blown me away. Congrats!

the girls also had shown their skills tremendously. most of the time, i could see the kids bringing the task with pride and definitely joy. then, when my boys practised marching (kawad), everyone would stare and was preoccupied at that performance.

after much hard work, all the students had been emerged form Koperal TKRS to Sarjan TKRS. the conferment went smoothly as most of the students were excited for their effort to have been paid off. trust me, nothing pays to be good, just HARD WORK, PRAY and BELIEVE. to my kids, if you ever find yourself a way up here, i would like to express my appreciation towards your hard work, contribution and success. you are amazing! therefore, i conclude that you deserve for all those things.