External Camp 2009

during my teaching days, i had had a chance to bring my kids (Year 6, 2009) for the Pentauliahan Sarjan of Sekolah Rendah Islam Al-Amin Gombak (SRIAAG). in 2009, we had Kedah as the point for the conferment. we moved from Gombak to Kedah around 11pm. we reached kawasan Rehat dan Rawat (RnR) Gurun. later that morning, we arrived at Pendang Lake Resort around 7am. the lake is quite big and it is windy at all times.

we managed to be among the first groups to arrive there. we pitched the tent and arranged related things accordingly. i was always proud of my kids because i realize that i can expect more from them in return. this is the unique thing about kids. we instill and we nurture, then we will see them flourish in almost a perfect manner. if it doesnt, just believe in God’s plan since He knows much better what is the best for His creations.

although we had hard training before coming over, it seemed to be useless since the kids were divided into different groups which involved every participated schools. then, i saw my kids had to suck it up because in a group, it may consist best candidates, average candidates and low candidates in term of skills and knowledge. honestly, it affected my kids’ desire and determination since some of their friends had to learn from zero.

overall, i saw this as a platform for my students to build up their skills and accelerate their expanded potential since they may find themselves in a very exact situation in future. yes! who knows later, we will have to work with unpleasant people and somehow we have no way out except we our self change to adapt with the surroundings to achieve greater result.

after accomplished the training and conferment, we left for Gombak at 2pm and reached school around 11pm. it was indeed a wonderful journey.