she is upset. there is no happiness in the house. she used to be singing pretty good. but it has ended since she is taken by him. the guy who emphasizes more on bed and silence. she has no one. she just has a bird. the singing bird which always keeps her merry. when the bird is found dead. she has nothing. nothing. how the bird is killed is an issue but why the bird is killed is another question. later the death of him signifies a clear motive on the bird’s. the neighbours, however feel like this is not just her case. this is their case. they have shares in the tragedy. it would have not come out this way if they put her in their circle. their happy circle. of course, it is a farmhouse where she has nothing that could bring her to life. the verdict of the ladies have shown that humanity is always in the first place. even it is against the law. they could put themselves in danger. they have a chance to jeopadise their future. and they are brave to own it. they have no worry. it is very emotional to have some time to read and to understand the plot. it is very heartbreaking yet couraging the universe – Trifles by Susan Glaspell