When I was a teacher in a private school, I had the ability to build a very good relationship with my students. This was due to the fact that I was NOT a good student, or else I was not a student with straight As.

The state of being someone who was not in the top list had given me more opportunity to feel how was it’s like being a student, or in this case – the unpopular ones.

Everyday I stepped into classes and everytime I started teaching, I was able to feel the constraint and the obstacle which the students encountered as I was in their shoes years ago. Therefore, I assisted them whenever I could, I eased their understanding more than they could have imagined.

To date, those students have grown up and becoming matured. But the best thing I still could remember was the ties between us. It never ends even it had started unconsciously.

If this is the value I got during my teaching days, I’d rather choose to not become the top students back then because if I had, I thought I couldn’t perceive on how it felt being inferior. Ya. Just in case if I am given a chance to live that stage again.