We always put something deferred. The moment when we think we could do it the next day, we actually have lost a day – today.

Yesterday was a memory. It might make us happy, sad, regret, angry or even dissatisfied. But, nothing could be done to grab yesterday in order to correct something we wish as we have just today. Yes. Today.

Today is THE only chance we have to do something, to show something, to say something and to appreciate someone. Do not rely on tomorrow as no one knows where would we be – as tomorrow comes.

Tomorrow is (very) uncertain. Someone could leave us tonight. Things could be different later. Soon, anything could have changed. Today is the only day we have. This moment. This very moment. Hence, if we have something to say, someone to be appreciated, things to be done, DO IT this moment as we still have this (only) day.

Most of us rely on tomorrow and in many cases, only a few are lucky.