If I have to choose, I prefer to drive or to ride or anything it takes as long as I have most full control on it. Those days, when owning a car resembled luxury life, have changed 360 degree. Cars and bikes are common things around. No big deal.

I say we cannot rely too much on public transport because it is not systematic and there are many factors affecting its efficiency. If you just take a few steps, and you are able to take any, later you just need a few steps more before you reach your office or destination, then I am the first person who will stand up and salute you and voice “You can rely on this!’”.

In fact, in many cases public does not experience that beautiful thing even the transport is a noun and described by the adjective-public. Most cases don’t. Therefore, I say your old ugly car that can ferry everywhere you wish is worth million times than a new metallic air-conditioned bus which will serve you once in an hour.