School Grand Camp


on Saturday morning, at 7am most of the students had already reached school. i arrived at 645am. that is my nature to come to school earlier because it gives me some time to prepare myself and be calm before hard work.


we left school for Taman Rimba Komanwel Rawang at 8.30am. 8 buses are provided to accomodate around 250 just took around 15 minutes to reach the camping site. it is beautiful  with green scenery surrounded with waterfall and monkeys. what a great environment. it is definitely a genuine wood.then, the students were divided into groups for team building and group indentification. they have to create the group’s name and their battle cry. it was called LDK (latihan dalam kumpulan). Year 4 students have shown more interesting performance compared to Year 5 and Year 6. i conclude these as a result by putting Year 5 and Year 6 in the same group! it definitely will exist competition and unfortunately the seniority will always stand by itself. The chemistry has to be reformed again. therefore, the performance made by these Year 5 and Year 6 are comparatively dull.


later that afternoon, they compete in games to accumulate marks for respective groups. they did bowling, blind man, mutual understanding, tip top, and lifting ping pong bowl by using rope. most students have shown good characteristics leaders and tremendous desire to win as the marks scored are recorded through stickers which are pasted on their respective flags. it was raining that time but the game was still on since there was no lightning or thunder which will threat the safety of the kids. furthermore, it could be more challenging by adding some helps from the nature and environment.


we did night walking at 11pm. it was challenging for Year 4 as i was informed that they lost the track and struggled to find the way out. however, they have the experts along the way. just hand it over to them to settle the issue. for Year 5 and year 6, they did treasure hunt at 12.30am just by using some candle to light up the way. perrghhh! then, the next morning, we trekked the jungle until we arrived at waterfall. it was definitely good to be there as the water movement from the higher pit produced some cold wind over our faces. huh! totally worth it. the words which had caught my eyes are “Leave Nothing But Footprint and Take Nothing But Photograph”.



that afternoon, we learnt jungle cooking – to cook eggs in potatoes and onion. to roast fish and bake some MILO bread. the students were excited but again as i mentioned earlier, the competition inside the group itself still exists. Year 6 wants to execute the task and left Year 5 to do nothing. i saw that situation as a part of learning and that what we are going to face the future.


i just loved to watch students learning and doing their task. i can see that this is my calling but somehow i got trapped in the office to do some dull administrative works.

but i promised myself to come back and contribute for the kids as my profession as i know that i was born to become a teacher. and i know that without pain, it should be no gain at all.


lastly, i checked the tents which the students stayed
during the camping period. it was a tremendous feeling to see and feel the creativity of the students to build some racks for their shoes. in fact, i felt overwhelming as i know i was apart from that creativity.


External Camp 2010

External Camp 2010

in 2010, i managed to escort the students (Year 6, 2010) to Klang. it is a huge school with wide field. we put the tents in the fields as the camp site. this time, we are full prepared even we know that finally we will partly divided. it was OK since we had expected it to happen and we had no worry about that.

the thing that i could not forget was the skill and knowledge of ours. we exploded with high credibility of skills. most of my students managed to be at the front line. Firdaus Idris Safawi had been appointed as the Penghulu. what a great surprise! Syed Abdurrahim, Zarief Azhar, Wan Mohd Afdhaaluddin, Mohd Afif, Arif Aiman, Munif, Mohd Nur Syafi, Saiful Imaan, Amir Aizat, Faiz Jamil and Firdaus Ab Malek had stepped forward to lead their respective group members. this is due to the fact that most of the candidates (from other schools) are still too young and too green. a few of them had no skills at all.they had to learn from my kids. therefore, i felt blessed because we didnt just participate but we contribute for the benefit of others.

i had no words to describe that feeling since i treated my kids with a special training and then i had my special return which had blown me away. Congrats!

the girls also had shown their skills tremendously. most of the time, i could see the kids bringing the task with pride and definitely joy. then, when my boys practised marching (kawad), everyone would stare and was preoccupied at that performance.

after much hard work, all the students had been emerged form Koperal TKRS to Sarjan TKRS. the conferment went smoothly as most of the students were excited for their effort to have been paid off. trust me, nothing pays to be good, just HARD WORK, PRAY and BELIEVE. to my kids, if you ever find yourself a way up here, i would like to express my appreciation towards your hard work, contribution and success. you are amazing! therefore, i conclude that you deserve for all those things.


External Camp 2009

External Camp 2009

during my teaching days, i had had a chance to bring my kids (Year 6, 2009) for the Pentauliahan Sarjan of Sekolah Rendah Islam Al-Amin Gombak (SRIAAG). in 2009, we had Kedah as the point for the conferment. we moved from Gombak to Kedah around 11pm. we reached kawasan Rehat dan Rawat (RnR) Gurun. later that morning, we arrived at Pendang Lake Resort around 7am. the lake is quite big and it is windy at all times.

we managed to be among the first groups to arrive there. we pitched the tent and arranged related things accordingly. i was always proud of my kids because i realize that i can expect more from them in return. this is the unique thing about kids. we instill and we nurture, then we will see them flourish in almost a perfect manner. if it doesnt, just believe in God’s plan since He knows much better what is the best for His creations.

although we had hard training before coming over, it seemed to be useless since the kids were divided into different groups which involved every participated schools. then, i saw my kids had to suck it up because in a group, it may consist best candidates, average candidates and low candidates in term of skills and knowledge. honestly, it affected my kids’ desire and determination since some of their friends had to learn from zero.

overall, i saw this as a platform for my students to build up their skills and accelerate their expanded potential since they may find themselves in a very exact situation in future. yes! who knows later, we will have to work with unpleasant people and somehow we have no way out except we our self change to adapt with the surroundings to achieve greater result.

after accomplished the training and conferment, we left for Gombak at 2pm and reached school around 11pm. it was indeed a wonderful journey.

My Reflection 1


she is upset. there is no happiness in the house. she used to be singing pretty good. but it has ended since she is taken by him. the guy who emphasizes more on bed and silence. she has no one. she just has a bird. the singing bird which always keeps her merry. when the bird is found dead. she has nothing. nothing. how the bird is killed is an issue but why the bird is killed is another question. later the death of him signifies a clear motive on the bird’s. the neighbours, however feel like this is not just her case. this is their case. they have shares in the tragedy. it would have not come out this way if they put her in their circle. their happy circle. of course, it is a farmhouse where she has nothing that could bring her to life. the verdict of the ladies have shown that humanity is always in the first place. even it is against the law. they could put themselves in danger. they have a chance to jeopadise their future. and they are brave to own it. they have no worry. it is very emotional to have some time to read and to understand the plot. it is very heartbreaking yet couraging the universe – Trifles by Susan Glaspell

The Ties

When I was a teacher in a private school, I had the ability to build a very good relationship with my students. This was due to the fact that I was NOT a good student, or else I was not a student with straight As.

The state of being someone who was not in the top list had given me more opportunity to feel how was it’s like being a student, or in this case – the unpopular ones.

Everyday I stepped into classes and everytime I started teaching, I was able to feel the constraint and the obstacle which the students encountered as I was in their shoes years ago. Therefore, I assisted them whenever I could, I eased their understanding more than they could have imagined.

To date, those students have grown up and becoming matured. But the best thing I still could remember was the ties between us. It never ends even it had started unconsciously.

If this is the value I got during my teaching days, I’d rather choose to not become the top students back then because if I had, I thought I couldn’t perceive on how it felt being inferior. Ya. Just in case if I am given a chance to live that stage again.

Three Days

We always put something deferred. The moment when we think we could do it the next day, we actually have lost a day – today.

Yesterday was a memory. It might make us happy, sad, regret, angry or even dissatisfied. But, nothing could be done to grab yesterday in order to correct something we wish as we have just today. Yes. Today.

Today is THE only chance we have to do something, to show something, to say something and to appreciate someone. Do not rely on tomorrow as no one knows where would we be – as tomorrow comes.

Tomorrow is (very) uncertain. Someone could leave us tonight. Things could be different later. Soon, anything could have changed. Today is the only day we have. This moment. This very moment. Hence, if we have something to say, someone to be appreciated, things to be done, DO IT this moment as we still have this (only) day.

Most of us rely on tomorrow and in many cases, only a few are lucky.

My Dad

When I was a kid, I used to hate my dad. Sometimes I wished I could change him with another (sporting) dad around the neighbourhood. I did not like him much because he used to conquer me and control me and instruct me of what I should do and what I shouldn’t.

I studied the surroundings and most of dads around were less strict than mine.

Then when I grew up, I could learn the beautiful thing behind all those pain. My dad made me saved. He prevented me from straying. Hence, I was on the right track. Back then, I saw some of my friends dropped out school, several had become juvenile offenders while a few were admitted to rehab.

Those ‘unlucky’ persons came from various families but the very similar thing they all shared was: I used to adore their (sporting) dads which I once wished to have mine replaced.

And now, when I have grown up and become a man, I wish to have more time with my dad since we have been very great friends then. I am so fortunate to have him and I will not substitute him with anything of course. He is my THE only dad. And suddenly Paul Peterson sings (in my mind) to me:-

“He isn’t much in the eyes of the world, he’ll never make history.. He isn’t much in the eyes of the world, but he is the world to me..”

Public Transport

If I have to choose, I prefer to drive or to ride or anything it takes as long as I have most full control on it. Those days, when owning a car resembled luxury life, have changed 360 degree. Cars and bikes are common things around. No big deal.

I say we cannot rely too much on public transport because it is not systematic and there are many factors affecting its efficiency. If you just take a few steps, and you are able to take any, later you just need a few steps more before you reach your office or destination, then I am the first person who will stand up and salute you and voice “You can rely on this!’”.

In fact, in many cases public does not experience that beautiful thing even the transport is a noun and described by the adjective-public. Most cases don’t. Therefore, I say your old ugly car that can ferry everywhere you wish is worth million times than a new metallic air-conditioned bus which will serve you once in an hour.